The purpose of Skyland is to nourish, support, and inspire creative women in their work.

Bird Thinking of a Cloud. Private Collection; Artist: Marc Dennis, courtesy of G. Gibson Gallery
Seeded Long Ago

The idea for Skyland first appeared in a sleeping dream. Hundreds of ancestral women moved across the bright New Mexico sky, a sinuous queue, descending in procession onto the mesa before me. Joyful, vibrant, singing, arms brimming with all kinds of objects, they beckoned and wordlessly conveyed what felt like a sacred invitation: create an exceptional place for creative women to evolve and share their work. It felt like a deeply important calling, an undeniable invitation. This sleeping dream has become the waking dream of my lifetime.

Nancy Jackson Park, Founder

“Trust the dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.”

—Kahil Gibran


Skyland will provide transformative studio residencies for creative women in widely diverse fields and callings from all over the world. Both hub and gateway, it will be situated on a rural, multi-acre, environmentally sustainable compound outside of Santa Fe, a mecca of creative expression for centuries.

Skyland will embody the power of place, the rich cultural heritage of the Southwest, and the profound natural splendors of northern New Mexico.  It will provide time and space for women to focus, dream, and birth what is waiting to emerge, free from the countless demands of daily life.  In good keeping, in good company – we believe the possibilities are limitless.

There will be a cohort of six women in each four-week residency, for a total of fifty-four residents over nine months of every year. Residents will spend their days in creative solitude and their evenings in collaborative community, gathering at the end of each day for dinner and discourse. Private accommodations, individual studio space, and organic, seasonal meals will be provided at no cost to the residents.

In the winter months, residencies will be replaced by day-long creativity labs and workshops for women and girls.

“I trust the mystery.  I trust what comes in silence and what comes in nature where there’s no diversion.  I think the lack of stimulation allows us to hear and experience a deeper river that’s constant, still, vibrant, and real.  And the process of deep listening with attention and intention catalyzes and mobilizes exactly what’s needed at that time.”

—Angeles Arrien

Galisteo to Santa Fe. Private Collection; Artist: Polly Jackson
our people


Nancy Jackson Park (known by all as Park) brings forty years of professional expertise and irrepressible passion to the creation of Skyland. Park has worked in Fortune 500s and the public and private sectors, including affordable housing, community development, and women’s music. She has been involved in the nonprofit world in many capacities, including roles as Director, Board member and Organizational Development consultant.  Park has also served as coach and advisor to small business CEOs, executive teams, and business partners. In addition, Park has run a rural northern New Mexico inn, worked in national executive search, and was the CEO of a multi-million dollar, privately-held national company. In the past decade, she has served as a life coach to women in the second half of their lives.

Park holds a B.A. from Mount Holyoke College and an MBA from Simmons College, the only all-women’s MBA program in the country. She is an exceptional capacity builder, visionary leader, seasoned businesswoman, and a genuine people person whose love of and commitment to northern New Mexico run deep. She is happily now the indefatigable champion of bringing Skyland to life.

Regional Advisory Council

Emily Factor
creative brand strategist, textile designer, entrepreneur

Munson Hunt
contemporary artist

Olive Tyrrell
chef, artist, photographer

Bruce Velick
curator, author, retail entrepreneur

Private Collection; Artist: Jerome Kuhl (deceased)

Fiscally sponsored project of The New Mexico Community Foundation

Emerging Program member of The Alliance of Artist Communities

Member of New Mexico Women In The Arts

The First Years

We anticipate three to five years and $4M to $5M in funding to plan, build, and launch Skyland.

2018-2109 will focus on Research and Development, including:

  • Building an innovative team of development and branding consultants
  • Crafting a Strategic Vision
  • Building relationships with stakeholders, both locally and nationally
  • Identifying Skyland’s location in northern New Mexico
  • Expanding an experienced and visionary Advisory Council
  • Fund-raising!

The initial 18 month budget of $350,000 will be attained predominantly through tax-deductible individual donations as well as several grants.

The Time to Begin is Now

We sincerely welcome your timely support.  While there are more than 1,500 residency programs and artist communities worldwide, none are dedicated to supporting exclusively creative women – from a limitless arc of disciplines – in their inquiry, process, and accomplishment.  We invite you to join us in envisioning the tremendous potential at hand and creating Skyland together.

Please click through to select Skyland as the designated recipient of your tax-deductible donation.

Or, if you prefer to discuss your donation considerations and process, feel free to contact Park directly.

“In order to go from being good to great,
you must plant trees whose shade you know you will never sit under.”