When you stop
and think about the future that is waiting for us,
when you plumb the depths of your well-worn hopes, when I ask you, what will it take to bring us to our senses?


What do you see?


Me too.




Imagine… a place and a portal,
set within the glory of northern New Mexico,
sacred ground, fertile territory.


A place where creative women,
activists, entrepreneurs, artists, changemakers, scientists, composers… (all callings, all spheres)
are given four weeks of freedom, of unfettered time, to re-set, to immerse in their work,
to cross-pollinate their ideas with one another,
and to listen for the answers often muffled by the din of everyday life.


What emerges when women come together?
What is revealed when distraction falls away?


The knife of insight opens the wide sky.
The link between the seen and the hidden moves into view.
A widening circle swells to the horizon.


And over time…
ideas not yet imagined,
solutions we’ve been longing for
and new ways of being in the world
come closer to being born.


Everything is possible.


New Mexico Skies Image © 2018 Kenneth Krach